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The Royal Trinity

The Royal Trinity aims to bring results in the tête à tête contact between the organiser of a majestic event, the service team and its guests. 


The theatricallity, charisma and playfulness of the Trinity improves the flow on any event by distracting the audience on crucial moments.

Consequently the actual staff can concentrate on eficiency and service. 


For a full description of our repertoire and prices, please take a look at this pdf. 

The Royal Parade at Het Loo Palace


“The characters played by Coen and Nadia enabled our audience to have an encounter with the unusual and imaginary. They showed them that it can be empowering to be different, creative and sometimes even contrarian. This way they have been a sparkling addition to our summer program in which ‘being yourself’ was an important theme.”

- Christa Logtenberg, programmer at Het Loo Palace 


“Coen is full of creativity and has a talent for feeling into people. It is fun and easy to work with him; certainly recommended!”

- Andy Palmen, director Greenpeace Netherlands

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