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Suncreammoment at Nowhere festival 2018 - Immediacy counts!

Since 2011 Coen has been working as a performance artist for Le Directeur En-
tertainment and Studio Nepco based in Amsterdam. His art form is interaction; the skill to respond adequately to that which arises in the moment, performed with a charming playfulness. By inviting the beholder to step into another reality - that of the character - he creates space for people to embrace their own playfulness and experience something new. In this lies the potential of interactive theatre in creating memorable moments. In addition, witnessing a blossoming in play between the artist and the participant is even so powerful due to its authentic nature. Something is created out of nothing by the interplay between them, that is beautiful to experience.


Besides theatre, Coen facilitates workshops that bring people closer together. For kids, adults and mixed groups. In these too a character often serves as ice breaker. Coen has a MA degree in Cultural History at the University of Amsterdam and is autodidact in his stage arts.

Languages: Dutch (mother tongue), English (C1), French(B1), German (A2),
Spanish (A2)

Picture by Firmin Polderman

Portrait Firmin Polderman
Nadia 2_edited.jpg

Picture by Robert Harrison

Nadia Innocentia

Partner in Shine

Often Coen works together with his beloved Nadia. They created the Massarium project and play together in a variety of activations. Nadia runs her own performance art and fashion company under the banner Studio Nadia Innocentia

Coen & Nadia met in 2017 working for Studio Nepco. 

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