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We live in a world dominated by text, a virtual epistème. People spend most of their time behind screens, while the need for face to face contact gets bigger by the day. In Facebook we can poke each other, in secondlife people ‘meet’ each other but in the end it stays binary contact.

Le Directeur Entertainment answers this need for reality, intimacy and interaction by performance. Only unforgettable experiences in real time, real space can ‘touch’ people; call it transformation or a state of ecstasy whereby the power lies not in your own hands, but in the hands of the performer on your lap.

I, Coen Aerts a.k.a. Le Directeur develloped my performing skills in the Amsterdam nightlife around initiatives as Eddie The Eagle Museum, parties like Burlesque FreakOut and Cirque Exentrique. Though it was at Supperclub Amsterdam where I really got in touch with performing arts. Indeed, most of my acts are initially created for Supperclub entertainment. 

In 2011 I started mastering the art of tease. By now boylesque is fully intertwined with Le Directeur's repertoire and personal joie de vivre. Sexuality has always intrigued me due to it’s subversive nature as consequence of strongly rooted taboo’s. In practice I noticed that anybody likes sexuality as long as it is offered in a playfull way. This makes sexuality an easy theme and tool  for creating stunning acts with the immediacy Le Directeur is looking for. ““After all, sensuality.. and the power of performance is all that matters.”


Coen Aerts  ~ Le Directeur 


Suncreammoment at Nowhere festival 2018 - Immediacy counts!