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Dear visitor, 

If there is one thing I've learned in my 'career' it is that playful interaction is something that is only mastered through praxis. It demands a level of sensitivity for reading other beings and responing adequatly in the fling of a moment. I believe this has become my biggest skill in whatever I do, hosting ceremonies, guiding workshops or brainstorming with partners. 

The Power of Performance
The last decade I created multiple alter ego's with a different look, character and way of movement. All these persona's helped me polishing up my performance skills and at the same time discovering the marvellous variety of identities within myself.

Thus Interactive performance-art became a tool to reach transformative potential in the real time, real space moment within myself, as with the audience: invited to step into the reality of another 'being' the character opens up comfort barriers and creates a playful space to explore experiences that once seemed unimaginable. 

This is why performing art is an invaluable asset to events where the goal is to 'touch' people personally and create a memorable experience.

To reach transformative potential is my artform and passion. It makes me happy to share it with the world and make a living at the same time.


Suncreammoment at Nowhere festival 2018 - Immediacy counts!

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