- 2018 - 

Pr bureau Blyde was asked to launch the new Licor 43 Baristo bottle in Europe. In accordance with their mission statement they decided to do this in an innovative, risquée manner; by asking Le Directeur for help.


Hosting the event as Le General proved to be a perfect decision, the masculin floggers and bloggers were flattered. 

- 2018 -

TedX Amsterdam celebrated it's 10 year anniversary! 

No party without a Birthday Boy; they asked Le Directeur to play the Big X - wich means jumping around like spongebob for ten hours! Epic!


- 2018 - Founders Gianna Tomiyama and Chafik Benhmidouch asked Le Directeur to devellop an alter ego as 'art collector' for The Living Museum's showcase on SXSW in Austin Texas 2018. As 'Goldy Shine' he guided visitors through the 'black box' museum, introducing avant-garde artists from Amsterdam.

01 intro slide KUIS

- 2017 - 2016 was a tough year for me. My father and two close friends died, my five year relationship came to an end and I had to leave my job at the TV due to contract issues. Every cell in my body craved for adventure, leaving everything behind and enjoy life in its purest form. I combined my passions biking and performing and made THE GASOLINE BAR! Oh yeah, it's worth it!


- 2014 - Just as the year before Fringe Festival appealed to me as an event for my creative output. Together with dramaturgist Jeroen Franssen I created a theatre play in Club Church - the most famous gay cruising bar in Amsterdam. Meeting a 'theatre audience' in such a place is really interesting that's for sure!

Lazaret Immorale

- 2013 - For Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2013 I wanted to make a theatre peace with elements of vaudeville, burlesque and pole dance. It was a big learning experience setting up this production and made me realize big projects need more minds.


Studio Nepco

Studio Nepco, factory of doubt, is a theatre collective and costume design studio that makes music theatre and performing art experiences. Le Directeur works together with Nepco on a weekly basis.

Supperclub Amsterdam

Supperclub is known for challenging food art combined with performances and expositions. Le Directeur is a resident performer here.

Paper Island

Paper Island is an expert in creating mind-blowing events. Le Directeur is often booked by them to spice these up.


TenClub is an open organization, event space and hub of creative expression- located in the heart of Amsterdam, on the historic Nes. Le Directeur often performs here as Le Général.

The Performance Bar

The Performance Bar is a raw, young and vibrant place in Rottertdam's nightlife where performance art is the main focus. Le Directeur is a resident performer here.


Blyde is een Benelux pr-bureau gericht op ondernemende organisaties die het verschil maken in hun sector, of deze ambitie hebben. Die het lef hebben om vernieuwend te zijn, vanuit drijfveren groter dan alleen commerciële ambities. Le Directeur werkte met hen samen voor de lancering van Licor 43 Baristo

- 2020 - 

During the COVID19 outbreak all events and bookings were cancelled. The desire to perform and create art became bigger and bigger while I was in quaranteen at home. I decided to put my 'TOZO' (government aid) to good use and started the #kunstknuffel (#arthug) project.