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The Gasoline Bar is a mini-area where people can dance, drink energisers and enjoy street performance. It isn't really about drinking; it's about the interaction between Mr. Gasoline and his audience. Managing the bar is randomly followed by washing the motorbike - the dirty way - working the gears or singing karaoke with the audience. An energy shot is given by donation (preferably according the current fuel price) and gives the opportunity to gamble with the mini slot machine to earn a ticket for 'the route 69' (a dirty 'ride' on the bike with Mr. Gasoline himself including motor oil - of course).

The Gasoline-energy-drink is organic, sugar-free and based on the Guayusa from Greenmatters foundation. It's the potent ingrediënt of the Nightwatch drink they make which is a 'soft' version of the Gasoline. 

More info in this pdf.

Act description: interactive performance.

Duration: continuous. 

Genre: boylesquish performing art installation, 80's 'pornstar'.

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