Years of experience with interactive performance art provided Coen Aerts with a great set of skills concerning social dynamics. Inspired by the workshops he followed on his tours - those of Florent Rupert in particular - Coen started hosting workshops himself on events:

The Non-Verbal Speedmeet workshop

In this workshop you meet people you didn't know before without talking. Five exercises will guide you through this collective experience and it seems to be the perfect 'ice-breaker' for any starting event.

The Sexy Dance / Dancing Sexy workshop

Everybody has a particular self-learned way of dancing. This personal dance is divided into five levels of intensity; thereafter Coen shows how to add some sexyness and how to share that with others.

The Drag Yourself Down the Drain workshop

This workshop is for men who dare to leave their ego behind and step into the spirit of their feminin energy. As his alter ego 'Princess Lilly La Cockinette' Coen guides the men through several stages of womanhood.